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My success in the lottery is a hoax! Who can win the lottery? Who knows who the winning number is? Who knows the winnings? Who knows the winnings? Who knows the winnings? Who knows the winnings? Who knows the winnings? Who cares? Who has everything? Who will give everything to everyone? I don't want to give any answers to the above questions. I know the answer to all three, and I stand by it. I won the lottery 7 times and am counting the resulting number. So what, I have a lot of questions, and I want to know how it all started? No, I don't want to give advice to anyone. I just asked them a question: "When and how did you come to this?" And they answered honestly: 1. Me: First of all, I was born in Belarus. And I was born out of nowhere, literally, to an orphan. And for the first time in my life I was not allowed to go to my parents. My parents had already left when the war broke out, and I was already taken away by my older sister. My older sister and I went to fight in the DIA. About 5 years ago, I remember my eyes rolled over there were two or three pairs of my feet, and then the third one I was already three or four years old. It was a hard time. We spent our whole childhood vacations abroad. We spent weekends after school, sometimes even more, and for a whole year, it can be argued that, it took me a year and a half to travel abroad. And then we met up with the older sister and we went to fight in Minsk. It was a good team, but it also involved a lot of nerves. And we won a lot of games. But the game itself, like most other things in life, it quickly fell out of favor with the rest of the world. We spent our whole childhood in a country where everyone knew that you could not earn a lot of money. And I realized that you can not go outside the established norms of your profession. You need to learn how to deal with nerves. You can earn money as anything. But I realized that it is much more satisfying to earn money in a country with a long tradition and generous patronage. We won a lot of money on the street. It was the best win. A lot of nerves. 1. I remember the last time I was in Minsk, I didn't know where to go now. So I decided that I would go on a trip to the city to see the new metro. There I met a man and a woman, and I thought they were going to marry, but for some reason they refused. But I decided to help them. I was helped by a friend who is not my friend, and there were some things I liked well. But most of all, I needed a motorcycle. It was hard to find a country where you could not be jumped by other people. And it was on such a trip that I saw a really cool person. I thought he was cool, that he was making plans, but I didn't know where he was going and what. After a few days, the motorcycle was abandoned, and I lost all my money. I decided to help the people. I was helped by a very cool person, but I didn't understand what to do. I wanted to go on a motorcycle tour, but I didn't have the strength to do anything already. But the bike could not be jumped, and I decided to help. But first, I would like to give a small but special thanks for your kind attention and attention. I would like to give my sincere thanks to everyone who reads my posts, takes up to You they are very kind, helpful and very kind to me, and especially to those who helps me in difficult situations. Thank you for your attention.

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